Reviews for "Quickdraw (Part 2)"

Much better!

I am glad that you worked on your stuff and made something a lot more fun. While not the best game out there (you still kind of need to improve on your animation) it was nice. It was a little frustrating at first with the "DRAW" button, but most games like this are that hard anyway. I liked the variety of all of the enemies. It was fun to just see them get their heads and bodies blown up after beating them. I guess I would suggest more of a background and some better line drawings, but not bad at all.


Too hard!


its very good game but its also very hard

53xy83457 responds:

Yes. Yes it is :D

I beat it

I got up to "zombie jesus" .... >.< and won, fun, but maybe make the sounds less ear slittingly loud eh?

53xy83457 responds:

but maybe turn down your speakers eh?

Glad you enjoyed it.

"Zombie Jesus"?

The game was overall good, and your sarcasim was funny and all but "Zombie Jesus" was 1st impossible to beat and 2nd u should have never put "Zombie Jesus" in the game.

53xy83457 responds:

To quote Cartman, "Whateva, I do what I want!"