Reviews for "Quickdraw (Part 2)"

People should stop whining

I didnt play the first one but completed this, yeah its difficult but dont ask him to change the reaction speed.


I WANT so say something but i know that ull just offend me like the others...
Seriously, if someone else made this game and u played it, i bet u put a 2/5 or 5/10.
Dont answer with weird jokes like "so , u have lost the bet" or "who r u to say that?" because i did not offend u. ...Yea...

53xy83457 responds:

Well, if you insist on reviewing ME instead of the game then I'm gonna have to respond. If you get offended, it's your problem.

Anyone that I've insulted deserved it. If somebody wants to write a review for the sole purpose of being a prick, I'm gonna insult the living shit outa them.

The fact that you think I'd say something like "who r u to say that?" shows that you don't know me at all. So what makes you think you'd know what score I'd give the game if somebody else created it? Not everybody's gonna share your opinion on it. Maybe I'd give it a 5 like you, maybe I'd give it a 10 like the two below you, I don't know, I'm not psychic and neither are you.

This isn't a review. If you want to write a review, write a review but if you've got a problem with me, keep it to yourself.


nice job on the game but you only have like a 1 percent chance to blow off the madness guy..plz,make it like a 2 milliseconds second easier?

SHIT!! suckz!! not really


Just kidding , is a great game and i love the creativity for the persons, ok is hard i couldn't beat it and didn't try too much at the clown .
For the next one i would suggest a reaction timer like:
"Your reaction time was 0.35 s
To beat the level you need a 0.29 s "
Or levels where you have to hit more than once :)
Keep up with great work dude i congrats you

53xy83457 responds:

I thought about using the timer idea in QD2 but decided to put in a ratings system instead and there is indeed a boss that you have to hit more than once.

A quality review none the less, thanks for the 10.

Not worth it

This game is a total fail dude
Havnt you got anything else to do?