Reviews for "Quickdraw (Part 2)"


I just LOVE... how everyone is complaining about the game, and thanks for the witty comebacks creator guy ur games are preety 1337 XD

is it?

i beay iy punk,

Big Dan

cant get enough!!!

hint on madness guy better then this guy

by that i mean a hint on madness guy better then this guy (that made the game ) what i did is just count to 9 fast

53xy83457 responds:

Oh no, everybody's gonna beat him first try now.


I completed it in 10 minutes. So everybody quit whining and get better at reflexes.

As for the game...
Bluff, LOL. But seriously it wasn't a BITCH ASS GAME or whatever... But that's not your fault I guess.
The sound was OK I guess but the "Draw" sounded a little off...
Graphics kinda suck...
No real animation really.
However it was fun, which is why I give it a 7/10 (or a 4/5).

53xy83457 responds:

I said it was a BASTARD of a game meaning difficult. Not a "BITCH ASS GAME" meaning... fuck knows what.

That is the one thing I have to disagree on. It IS a difficult(or whatever you want to call it) game. Hence all the aforementioned whining.