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Reviews for "Cursor Maze"


I liked it alot! So, with that, all I can really wish for are some more levels. The difficulty was also perfect in my opinion. I had fun with it. There are other maze games out there that are harder, but in my opinion they take a turn from challengingly fun to just hair pulling boredom. So kudos.


I love this gameplay it so creative and like the music it fits the game nice done m8,
Is long time since we last saw something this good even is this "only" demo i would recommending you to make the whole sequel of this game :D
First i thought that is was just a simple mouse game but when i hit start it change the whole gameplay and my ision of the game so keep up the good work this is going to my favorites :D

sknight responds:

Im so glad you enjoyed it! look for the full version next week or so :D


The fifth one was the most nerve-wracking, I have to say. You are very creative. So far, I haven't seen any bugs. I am looking forward to the final version. Keep it up!

10/10 5/5


Tha's just great.
It's chalanging, it looks great and just perfect, although it's not new, still 10/10

sknight responds:

I'm glad you liked it :D

ez hax thro wall with lag