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Reviews for "Cursor Maze"

Good thus far.

I'm not a huge fan of these types of games since I use a 4,000 DPI mouse... but here goes.

Gameplay: Great. Moving obstacles, fading blocks, and the locks on lvl 5 add difficulty.
Music: Annoying! An extremely short loop.
Other: A slightly larger resolution would be nice.

Hard... But in a good way.

Better than only the 2 levels you postted before. Get more progress..... then post only one more... and then the final product, k?

sknight responds:

Im planning to mass product levels now so i should have a final game up in a few days :]
[btw, since you played the other one and this one, i added you to the "testers" in the credits]


I love this gameplay it so creative and like the music it fits the game nice done m8,
Is long time since we last saw something this good even is this "only" demo i would recommending you to make the whole sequel of this game :D
First i thought that is was just a simple mouse game but when i hit start it change the whole gameplay and my ision of the game so keep up the good work this is going to my favorites :D

sknight responds:

Im so glad you enjoyed it! look for the full version next week or so :D

Neat maze game with a few bugs

Bug report - both bugs I found were in level 5. The two shapes that crush together back and forth on the lower right did not interact with the cursor (that is to say, did not trigger a failure event). The second and more important bug is that neither did the walls. One can easily win the level by traveling outside the boundaries.

Gameplay - While neither maze games or cursor-guided movement are particularly new inventions in gaming, the interface is simple, clean, and uncluttered. The challenge level seems to scale appropriately, and I dread what level fifty might look like. The soundtrack is a bit repetitive for my tastes, though largely unobtrusive. If a full version is released, I'm sure I'll lose an hour to it.

sknight responds:

First of all thank you very much for your feedback :D

Yah, i had no clue the walls weren't interacting with the cursor on the last level.. fixed now. And yes, im gonna change up the music soon :)

[btw, i added you to the "special thanks" section in the credits]


I liked it alot! So, with that, all I can really wish for are some more levels. The difficulty was also perfect in my opinion. I had fun with it. There are other maze games out there that are harder, but in my opinion they take a turn from challengingly fun to just hair pulling boredom. So kudos.