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Reviews for "Momentum"

This has somehow brightened up my day and caused me to wake up completely. Really good job on the music, especially at the beginning. You deserve a 5.

Geoplex responds:

Haha, glad I could help brighten your day ^.^

Thanks for the feedback!

This is great ! I can totally see this in some kind of racing game score.

Geoplex responds:

Thanks! I could see that working.

"and I'm not entirely satisfied with it"



For a trance song this can have all my feels!!!!!

You too sir, you've improved like 250%!!!!!!!

Jesus christ, i think i'm gonna make this my new ringtone <3

Jeez, i'm considering a collaboration with you really soon :D

Geoplex responds:

Aw man, haha. Thanks :D

My Skype is on my userpage if you wanna try a collab, though i am pretty busy atm.

Gasp, Geo making trance?! It was indeed good, however i wouldn't call it trance exactly. It had trance elements in it, but it seems your house and dance style leaked it's way into this song. We need more trance being thrown around here on NG to be honest, it's a lonely road however here on ng lol. Hats off to the attempt at a branch out, i would like to see you post some more trance if you ever feel up to it. Over all i feel it was a tad on the repetitive side, however most standard trance progressions aside from deep trance and a few other minor branches tend to be as well.

Good job on this one and grats on front page.


Geoplex responds:

Oh, you got me excited for a sec with the frontpage thing lol. It's just a feature, not a frontpage :P Thanks though.

EDM songs are kinda difficult to categorize, and I'm not very experienced with any of that anyway. I do want to be making some more dnb, but I will probably give trance another shot soon ^^

Thanks for the feedback :D

This is freakin awesome! Definitely the type of song I'd kick back and listen to when wanting to feel inspired to write something.

Geoplex responds:

^.^ Thanks!