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Reviews for "Stereo Tide"

I really enjoyed this. The slides in the melody and bass are really cool, I feel like they make the music flow a lot better than if they weren't there. The composition was great. I'm jealous about the mix/master, I wish I could be that good and make my songs that crisp sounding. I also enjoyed the calm moments with all the sound effects, made me think of sitting outside on a summer day and just listening to the birds.

My only real issues with the track is that maybe it's a smidge too repetitive. I felt like there could have been so many more melodies to build off of the original one. I also think it's a tad too "mainstream", in the sense it's a bit cliche for a dancey techno song. These kinds of melodies and progressions are done a lot in the dance songs I've heard, and it really reminded me a little of the melodies SKILLZmakeKILLZ makes in their dance music.

But other than that, I enjoyed the track. Good composition, great mixing/mastering, and an overall good song. Nice job on this, guys!


DJM4C responds:

Thanks for the detailed review! These are rare :)

This is probably the best music track i ever heard. Good job and keep it up!

DJM4C responds:

Thanks! Means alot!

I don't really know what it is about this song, but it's amazing! It's simple, yet complex. The underlying drum beat is compelling, and the build up is really good. But there's still something that I just can't put my finger on. Awesome job, keep it up!

DJM4C responds:


nice song :)
love it
2 thumbs up

DJM4C responds:

thank you :)

Wow this was amazing. Insta-faved! :)

DJM4C responds: