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Reviews for "Stereo Tide"

Just wanted to say, between people like you, Reasoner, and S-Rock, my life has been fully enriched and amplified by your music. I can listen to it when working, driving, sleeping, working out, doing school work...pretty much 24/7. DON'T STOP MAKING KICK ASS MUSIC!

DJM4C responds:

Thanks a lot man! We both appreciate it :)

This feels familiar... Anyway, ITS AWESOME :D

DJM4C responds:

Any owl city correlation? That's what other people have been noticing, even though we didn't when we made it.

I like the melodys and the synths but overall it was lacking energy and kinda boring. The mixing could be better as well but that is something that comes with time and experience. Overall it was ok.

owl city is cool. this music is cool.

looks like they made a clone of owl city and made epicness in the process.

i have to agree with cookiewaste