Reviews for "Pig Freaks"


im a pig freak and im happy there's finly a pig game wer you dont try to kill the pigs this nis also an awesome game my favorite level is the last one

Cool graphics

I like the graphics however there are some glitches.

Good luck with the contest.

IMisfitsI responds:

Thanks, I will be fixing any bugs in the game in the next little while.


great idea i like the bad ass pig idea just kinda slow pick it up a notch and you get a 10 my friend good art and the music fits nicely dne

IMisfitsI responds:

Thanks for the rating and comments! I'm not sure if this will be the final speed yet, I may change it to be a little bit faster.

Okay so

It is a great game but here is what I had issues with:

-The game runs choppy until I can toggle quality, which I cannot do until I am actually playing. An earlier Quality control button would be nice.

-There is no skip button on the storyline, which for this impatient audience member would be great.

Other than that it is a great game. Nice work.

IMisfitsI responds:

Thanks for your rating and response, There is an earlier quality toggle in the settings menu at the beginning of the game if you happen to come across it. I will be adding a skip button in the next little while.


- Music gets annoying
- Very repetitive & boring
- Needs a skip button for the story

+ Good graphics