Reviews for "District 9"


the art was pretty great but im afraid the rest just let it down considerably.. the voices -.- the story -.- it deserves a 5 but thats only for the art.. shame the rest let it down

Definately needs improvement.

The voice acting definately killed it. Shame, because the graphics were good. Perhaps next time you should hrie someone to voice act big black guys coz to be fair... Well I thnk you know what am gonna say.

Nope, good try but nope.

Sorry, you can't steal chris o'ielle's franchise of spongebob sickpants, left 4 speed and the sicksons that easily. Be unique don't copy other people, the animation wasn't bad, well not too bad anyways, the voices, sucked but whatever, the humour wasn't funny at ALL and lastly you lied to 'Mr. Starz as you call him.' You say you started this before left 4 speed came out but nope, l4s came out Janruary 2nd 2009, District 9 the film itself came out August 14th 2009. So you lose. Try to make something original, put some thought into humour random dicks hidden in the background isn't funny not when you do it anyway, you can't jsut steal a humour style, it won't work unless you know what makes it funny inside and out, and lastly please get someone else to do the voices, it's quite annoying...

kiranup responds:

sorry i meant left 4 speed 2 i just wanted to try
a similer style geuss it didn't go down to well
so i'll stick to my own style k?

good animation

voice acting simply KILLED it. Sorry.

this was bad on all levels

I agree with the person below me it seems be be a cheep imatation of egoraptor which was done awfully. The animation was horrable, the voices were worse than computer generated ones, and it wasnt even funny! get some more skill before you upload to newgrounds.