Reviews for "District 9"

This could have been better

The voice acting was so bad. It would actually be better if you did this with better voice actors instead of high pitched children voices. Maybe have an adult do the voices while you work on the animation and material. The movie could have been better if there was more music and a variation in voices. The material was okay, but the bad voices ruined the effect.


Nice smooth anmation and good work on the facial expressions (some were quite lol), but the voice acting needed some work. It needed a bit more plot structure too. It kind of felt like it was just a bunch of unfunny random excerpts from the movie.
It just needs more work in the writing. The animation is just fine.


it wasn't bad. The animations were great but the voice acting wasn't so great. It was ok overall but needs improvement

Not bad, but not good

whether you intentionally did it or not, the artwork and story telling looks incredibly similair to the author of Left 4 Speed's work. with that being said, the artwork was not bad.

the voice acting is what killed it for me, just don't have your friends voice act for you....

very good

but sounds like your 10 so 0/0 5/10

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