Reviews for "District 9"

Good one

A pritty nice parody BUT too much jumping and fast. But still funny ^^

Not Bad...

I really liked the animations and the story line, but the sound was not so great. The sound was so quiet that it was hard to hear. Maybe on you're next flash, you should make the sound a bit louder. Other than that, the flash was pretty funny.

erm.. okay i guess

the animation wasn't half bad, but one thing that was kinda, lowered the score was the voice acing. by that voice acting i can tell that your problably 12 or so. very smooth animation for a kid your age i'd have to say


At first I opened this flash in a new tab. When I heard the plucky daisy music, I was wondering when did I on my flash (The one I posted on Newgrounds)? Hahah.
This flash was pretty good. Just that some characters lack expression. Keep up the great work.


its good but it wasnt energetic anothe, and how old was the guy doing the voices? 8?????