Reviews for "District 9"

pretty good

i dont see what everyone is complaining about? i thought it was decent. pretty funny, good animation. voice acting wasnt great, but it wasnt as terrible as everyone says. not bad keep up the work.


Who cares how your voice sounded. Its not like you used that stupid computer voice like so many people do or have it so crappy recorded that you can't even understand what is being said.

The animation ran smoothly and the lip sync matched with the voice as it spoke. The recording was nice, and I like the choice of music you added. And I like the humor in it, it made me laugh and bit. Only there were too many pauses in between that seem to dim the whole aspect of the clip. I like the length of it though, wasn't too short or too long. Maybe add some more humor and little more blood and violence to it. Other then that I can't think of anything else to add.

this was alright

it was funny but the voices could have been better... and did I see a few hidden dicks in the background? lol?


nice animation not so funny storyline
do it better next time

Oh my nice

Very nice drawings and the scenario is quite ok. Sorry about the hater lickinghard, he must be a prawn... The only thing that your flash lacked was a better sense of rythm and better jokes. Other than that, it was quite good really!