Reviews for "District 9"

Not bad, but not good

whether you intentionally did it or not, the artwork and story telling looks incredibly similair to the author of Left 4 Speed's work. with that being said, the artwork was not bad.

the voice acting is what killed it for me, just don't have your friends voice act for you....

this was bad on all levels

I agree with the person below me it seems be be a cheep imatation of egoraptor which was done awfully. The animation was horrable, the voices were worse than computer generated ones, and it wasnt even funny! get some more skill before you upload to newgrounds.

This was pretty terrible.

It is apparent you are trying to make an animation a lot like "Left 4 Speed."

You did a very bad job.

kiranup responds:

actually mr "starz" i started this before left 4 speed


made meh rofl for hours just watching this XD


it wasn't bad. The animations were great but the voice acting wasn't so great. It was ok overall but needs improvement