Reviews for "Mario's Recital"


This was ok but way to short and not very funny. Btw nice courage the cowardly dog audio

Not my kind of humor

Noone saw that coming and thats the only thing good in this video. The animation were okay the sound, too.

It was clever ill give you that

There was definately a sense that something unexpected would happen and to be honest that was completely unexpacted and it was a good idea to use the evil piano from mario 64. Then again it wasent really that funny and lacked humour. It was a good idea though but was missing something to take up to the next level

was way too short

That was too short as soon as you understood it was the piano from mario 64 it was over, he didn't even use bowser laugh he used his own so wasn't funny. I tought it was gonna be like dr. mario only him playing piano or something but this just wasn't that great and he should have used his plumbing/fighting suit not some uniform.

A good effort just wasn't for my taste.


we'll i didn't enjoy that at all. it wasn't really amusing, original mario gameover jingle (which wasout of tune) with a mario 64 joke doesn't work well together. also the laugh at the end made me cringe. sorry man but this doesn't deserve front page.

i don't really understand why a negative review that was at least constructive gets deleted. good thing newgrounds lets me know it gets deleted along with everything i originally said.