Reviews for "Mario's Recital"

Thanks for the reminder...

Great... I just hated that piano, I would never go near it in Boo's Mansion in Super Mario 64

The plumber of Seville :D

"Played by Mario and your Mother" nice one :P
OMG the pianno is awesome!!!
I wansn't expecting that, but it was really funny, remembering Big Boo's Haunt
and the pianno running after you.
I want to teach my pianno to do that.
Excellent job =)


Nice inside joke :D

For the Easter Egg- Click on the furry pink thing with sunglasses-looking stuff in the audience.


WOW! Perfect! 2 Super Mario 64 references AND song clip from Courage the Cowardly Dog!? You're on fire.

I Feel your pain

I too, hated the piano in that gam3