Reviews for "Mario's Recital"

Brings back memories

Oh the agony we all felt as childrens when we first faced that evil piano , I remember screaming and tossing my controler at the TV , lucky for me back then Tv's werent flat , and werent so easily broken , came out with no scratch on it =P

This flash is superb , the hidden jokes , the straight to the point punch , flawless animation. All of it is pure genious ^^

One thing tho , I watched it 4 times and still havent found the easter egg o.O I must be really dumb , or you hid it really well lol pm me with the location please? :D

Haha cheers mate

Well, that wasn't surprising

Next time, before doing the murder scene, don't give off a shade of light before the actual sound and animation start, It's gives off the deal before it's even start, after all, what's made the charm of that Piano, is that it's sound starts as soon as it's move, giving off a startling shock

...Then again, I'm just your average gore lover who can see through things easily, I guess some people can't actually take the whole thing and crap their pants at sight of this funfest XD

No problem

There is aways a emergency 1-UP Murshroom around in Murshroom Kingdom, but i belive that Mario will abanddom the clasic music for a while...


That thing was so freakin scary! I swear I almost peed myself when I first encountered it as a kid. Pretty sure that's the reason I never finished the Ghost House stars haha.

Sh0T-D0wN responds:


That happened to me too!

Not only was I scared of the piano but I was also scared of bowsers face when you die and the endless stairs music gave me the creeps. Anyways, great flash, really funny and i award you 10 stars.