Reviews for "Mario's Recital"

good but, not that good

I man it was funny but there is a lot of dissapointment I mean, I was hoping something funnier and the eastern egg (which you have to click at the autor when you see peach, dasy) was verry disapointing.


we'll i didn't enjoy that at all. it wasn't really amusing, original mario gameover jingle (which wasout of tune) with a mario 64 joke doesn't work well together. also the laugh at the end made me cringe. sorry man but this doesn't deserve front page.

i don't really understand why a negative review that was at least constructive gets deleted. good thing newgrounds lets me know it gets deleted along with everything i originally said.


i lolled at it =p

is it wrong to say lol and WTF?
cause my other comment got deleted??
saying lol and wtf..

i mean common...
like this site is so ''holy''
and pure.. ¬¬' LOL

keep the animation comming.
couldn't find the easter egg.. and i watched it a thousand times XD


Yes !