Reviews for "Mario's Recital"

piano monster

it was a bit short but nonetheless it was great.

now i wanna play supermario64 now.. ._.


I forgot about that piano monster in super mario 64. bravo


i found the secret when it shows the audience with people smiling,click on the pink bunny next to hitler and a screen pops up


didnt expect it,but it scared the shit outta me like in the game.nice touch with the courage the cowardly dog music.homemade bowser laugh?(heh i expected the mario theme lolz)

You and I have something in common.

That crazy-ass, freaking piano STILL scares the snot out of me when i play this game on the virtual console...(What the hell was Miyamoto thinking, scaring kids like that?) It would be even funnier if it had a whole orchestra attack the mushroom kingdom! BTW can't find the eater egg....