Reviews for "Mario's Recital"

Brings back memories

Oh the agony we all felt as childrens when we first faced that evil piano , I remember screaming and tossing my controler at the TV , lucky for me back then Tv's werent flat , and werent so easily broken , came out with no scratch on it =P

This flash is superb , the hidden jokes , the straight to the point punch , flawless animation. All of it is pure genious ^^

One thing tho , I watched it 4 times and still havent found the easter egg o.O I must be really dumb , or you hid it really well lol pm me with the location please? :D

Haha cheers mate

HAHA! Pianos!

I truly do miss the good ol' days of gaming. The flash was concise and the joke was great. Not to mention that your animation skills are very good. :D

Also, you get two thumbs up AND a cookie for placing Belum in the crowd. :D


This was a good animation. It could have been longer, but that probably would have killed the joke. Sadly enough, those pianos used to scare the shit out of me too...

Brings back memories ;)

lmaooo i remember that piano.. i was like 8 when iwas playin that game
Scared the hell outa me.. brings back memories :)

i never beat that game uptill now

The Master Rater

Gotta admit, your drawing was good, flowed well, and the ending I did not expect. I only docked a point for length. But some jokes are just hard to run longer than a minute straight, so good job for what you got. Man I remember that piano. scared the living crap out of me to. I always knew it would do it, but just to see those teeth, I went AAHHHHHHH! Ironically, I play piano nowadays.