Reviews for "Mario's Recital"

Man, I hate that freakin' piano...

Even now, 7 years later, that freaking piano haunts my nightmares. It was a b!tch to get that red coin. The one and only reason I gave it the score of 9 is because I'm tired of those videos that scare the $h!tballs out of you.


To be honest, I was actually expected that the instant I saw the piano, and yet it still managed to scare the s**t out of me. I died laughing after that.


You know, you can name any scary mascot you want in video game history- Pyramid Head, Nemesis, whatever you want- but before you try to make a case by calling them the scariest, remember back to that most innocent of titles that pulled a 180-atmosphere and an indestructible, carnivorous piano from fucking nowhere.

GOD, that piano is solely responsible for my hatred of that entire level.

Excellent concept, animation was decent enough, but I have only one passing question before I finish this review:

What is Penis-Hitler doing in a crowd for the showing of "The Plumber of Seville"?

i hated that piano

the scariest thing was that we could not destroy it.
dam red coin...........O-o


I hated that thing.

That thing scared me shitless so many times when I was a kid. I hated going after that stupid red coin, my friends pranked me the first time and I developed a complete psychotic fear of it. Classic stuff man.