Reviews for "Mario's Recital"


This was ok but way to short and not very funny. Btw nice courage the cowardly dog audio


Out of all the things you coulda chose in all the Mario games,you chose that f*ckin' scary piano from Super Mario 64. I kinda expected it though,but a more broad character woulda made for a better short. (But since this was a first,it's not repetitve in my opinion.)

Funny uses of other Cartoons

Its sooo funny how he used the music from Looney Toons ( Bugs Bunny Barber Shop) and Courage the Cowardly Dog music. Good Job. Like it!

He could use a 1-up

That was great haha, good ol' haunted piano from Super Mario 64, I was not expecting that to happen at all.

This brings back memories...

I still remember the first time I played SM64, and went for that red coin... That was the biggest scare I've ever gotten from any video game, ever. Glad to see I'm not the only one!