Reviews for "Mario's Recital"

It was clever ill give you that

There was definately a sense that something unexpected would happen and to be honest that was completely unexpacted and it was a good idea to use the evil piano from mario 64. Then again it wasent really that funny and lacked humour. It was a good idea though but was missing something to take up to the next level


yes I remember that piano I remember the first time i saw it haha good re-enactment (i dont think i spelt that correctly)

Very nice XD

first off was that the music from Courage the Cowardly Dog i hope i heard? if so NICE! Second its the greatest mario video i think ive seen in a while

I didn't play much of Mario 64...

But I know enough about video games to recognize that fucking piano. What scared me in Mario 64 was the gigantic eel in the ship. Well done.


That shit used to scare me senseless too XD
It was unexpected, and pretty good, at least worth watching for those that played Super Mario 64 as a child.