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Reviews for "Go to Hell!"

Reminded me of dante's inferno

somehow. still a great game

Exceptional design, frustrating controls

A few people have already mentioned this but to re-iterate:

- You should never die from digging under a rock
- You should never die from pushing a rock (this happened when I pushed a rock off the edge)

Besides that you have a really exceptionally well made game there. I really love the feel and I love the challenge. For those complaining about the air it is a puzzle game, notice you don't lose anything for just standing around. Therefore it's all about planning your next move and using food/air in the most efficient way possible.

Anyways, A+ quality, just get the control/feel issues out of the way.

Gotta agree with Fungimation

The game presentation is amazing, truly.
The short story told is captiving enough for me to go through 3 gameplays just to see what lies in the end, but the controls...
You die if hold the left/right arrows too much when digging under rocks. And jump feels heavy. You are on a enclosed space and it seens you can never time a jump right to go between gaps and vermin.

The game is awesome, just with some small flaws to it.
Awsome work.

Addictively simple

Addictively simple!

Very retro :)

Good game. Good concept.

i like the game and thel concept for it. ill give it 8/10 only problem i found was; if you open a air cavity in the ground with water above you, there will be an air bubble that floats to the surface since the water doesnt seep into the ground. i know its hard to think of but the game functions now as if air has no mass.