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Reviews for "Press Start: GTAwful"

XD nice

lol that was ptretty funny and lin ku did a very bad thing bad lin ku bad boy XD

I'm not rating this because:

The audio is messed up. I can't understand anything except the explosions and screeching tires. Everything else is garbled. I'll come back and watch it when the audio gets fixed.

I'm used to Press Start being hilarious, and I can't understand why the audio would be all messed up on this one. If that was your intention, then either I don't get it or I'm disappointed.


that was kinda funny

DarkMazeStudios responds:

Hm, it sounds fine as far as I can tell, and I haven't seen any similar complaints. Maybe it's an issue with your version of Flash? In any event, give it a try at darkmaze [dot] com and see if you still have issues with it.


Excellent start to the year, keep it up.

Lin Ku killed the wrong guys

if he wanted the place to stay how it was he should've killed the cops not the crime bosses