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Reviews for "Russia: As We Know It"


educational and funny! YAY Im learning!! :D (didnt actually learn anything)

I always was interested in Russia

Now I know soooo much more!
Great submission!


At first i thought this was gonna suck but this funny and pretty good, you should make more like this.


It was pretty good i have to say, nice concept and all, thank goodness you had comic relief, otherwise i would have been sleeping and drooling...lols...

Still I'm a bit confused, you make it sound like Karl Marx like lived yesterday, when he lived ages ago, like close to the 14th-15th century, and Ivan the Terrible...did he really sell Alaska to the Americans? I thought he had lived earlier O.o...

Otherwise I liked it, very informative...lols...


I had to do a research project in my History class over the Russian Revolution, using a power point... unlike you... i accidentaly said "St. Penisburg", Petrograd... you are veeeerrry lucky.

Aerobian-Angel responds:

That's... pretty unlucky.