Reviews for "Sonic:LimitBreak Episode1"

not bad.

seen alot of vids like this, but for some reason, this one seems to stund out a bit. nice job.

i noticed that the talking was weird, at least color code it or sumthin, like blue text for sonic, pink for amy, etc. i think i saw parts where u did it, but it wasnt all teh way. good job thou

XiaoxiaoGOD responds:

Yeah, sorry :P Ill go start fixing it now :O


This is a great flash animation you've got here. Good luck with the rest of this episodes!!

XiaoxiaoGOD responds:

Thanks so much :D

psssstt... it's daniel :D

lol "CHEESE IT!!"

XiaoxiaoGOD responds:

lmaoo.. your sooo...

mot bad!

with a little more work this could be really good. keep it up i'll expect more from you!

XiaoxiaoGOD responds:

Thank you ^o^

Very Well Done

very good plot going so far, i will be tuning in for mre, to me the only alignment work needed was the chao's aura when he was talking to Amy and the 'don't close the flash yet!' words before the credits, all in all, very good

XiaoxiaoGOD responds:

Thank you X] Ill try to improve if i ever make the next episode ^_^