Reviews for "Pixelknight"

Entertaining to a Point

Like TruthWarren said, the game is primitive but entertaining. Definitely simple, but it can get challenging. And like most Flixel games, it's pretty straight forward, something I like.

Nothing extraordinary, but I like this

Its a simple side-scrolling platformer that can really get you hooked. The gameplay is primitive but entertaining and can get pretty challenging. The visuals are pleasing to the eye. Pixelknight isn't an incredible game but I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a relatively fun time.

Not bad

I like how every level(or two) there was a new enemy to fight . Time limit for a level was a bit to short maybe the amount of enemy's you have to kill to advance to the next level, just an idea. Other then that keep it up.


I liked the way it got gradually harder at a steady pace. . Not to fast and not too slow, I have no complaints.

hahaa it's addicting

hurts my rist tho you should make it so you can hold down tha c key to have rapid fire but maybe you did I just didn't get far enough