Reviews for "Pixelknight"

god damned mochi

everything is fine in the game but i hate mochi, flash was meant to be free and then there is the damned ads...

this is so cool i...

i rekon this should be FRONT PAGE.

I like it. Mostly.

This is mostly a very solid action game with kind of charming retro pixellated graphics. There is one specific thing that's bothering the hell out of me, though. The maximum rate of fire is just fast enough that it becomes bounded a lot more by rhythm than by the speed of your trigger finger, and trying to maintain that rhythm for maximum rate of fire gets distracting as hell when you have to be frantically dodging at the same time. It would really make this more enjoyable if you allowed the player to hold the button for autofire, or at least automatically fired the next shot at the earliest frame possible if the fire button was pressed at any point during the delay from the shot before. It would really help keep the focus on the action, where it belongs.

Unless you actually included this as a deliberate gameplay mechanic, I guess. In which case that's kind of novel but it really doesn't work for me, so really, the above stands either way.

A Good Seed...

But not well polished. The animations could be improved significantly, and the collision detection is very crude; the fireballs have a hit radius at least three times larger than the actual fireball, and the monsters have the same problem.

The action is good, but the "restart" really should re-try the current level, maybe with a score penalty or something, instead of starting at the beginning again.


after u got all upgrades its difficult too lose.