Reviews for "Bad Pussy"


Some of the differences were mirrored, like clicking the 2 pupils of a guy's eyes. I don't know if that's like 'he already clicked the eyes, he won't think to click again' or if that's just lazy. Also, you made me click a guy's crotch. Twice.

Toggle music is your friend.

The only downside to this game is the music. I really enjoyed the challenge. And the story as well. Good game overall.

just2pale responds:

lol yes!

fun, but not without kinks

there are some things that are REALLY difficult to make out, being that I;m red colorblind, and it made so many of the differences RIDICULOUSLY too subtle

but overall fun.

thats a nightmarish scene

fucking music creeped me out

Good game, yet...

The design and overall concept are reminiscent of the short animated film "the cat came back" by Cordell Barker... do I spot an influence?