Reviews for "Bad Pussy"

Enjoyable, but it does strain the eyes

The animation and background music were spot on. However, there are several reservations to be had over this game. As put by a past reviewer, 22 pages of differences is a tad bit too long.

Also, some of the differences were far too miniscule to be spotted. An option should have been allowed to skip ahead, as it is rather grating to be stuck. In all, an enjoyable game, but, with several tweaks, one that would be excellent.

just2pale responds:

Yea we have come to realize that maybe it was a bit long - lol but if you would like to know it was almost 30 pages. We cut it to 22.

As far as differences - some we made blatantly obvious, others need a bit of looking to find. If you give up, that's what the hint button is for. lol

Thanks for the review.

nice kitty kitty

the sound is sync with the game..

great art :D

LOL with the story and the end part! hahahaha

THANK you for letting us have "hint"

score is useless though.. people would like to replay this game again and again until they get a high score.. which is kinda stup*d and lame..

some of the pages was hard.. hard that i used about 15-20hints or more i think..

samavat.. yes it is clicking and clicking.. maybe you should appreciate the story and try to UNDERSTAND it while your clicking.. or maybe, you just wanna see a different bad pussy.. the click to go in and out and reach climax game.. hahahahaha

simple, but it is funny and its a good time waster.. nice work

beware of the bad pussy!! its a killer!! :D

i love the pictures, very cute!

i think it just depends on what genre a person likes to play but on my part, i could say that im enjoying this game esp due to the bgm :D i love it, the pictures, definitely awesome! i like your twist on this kind of game. :D

Well I liked it...

I don't know about anyone else, but I thought it was hilarious. I just couldn't believe how oblivious his friend was in the end! lol, it was hilarious, keep up the good work!

no offense

Dude, no offense, but i didn't like it... it was, well 22 pages.. i find that to be a bit of an overkill... i mean 10 would be fun, 15 would be strategic but 22? i mean just clicking and clicking over and over again isn't the funnest thing in the world...
and next time make the differences a bit more obvious... i mean the cats paw was a different shade, that just being cruel, not fun, cruel...
Oh and a side not: try detailing your art, i mean it was a bit to dull
but I have to say some of the stuff said is funny...