Reviews for "Bad Pussy"


i think my mind broke sligtly

Love the History

There is a moment That I only whant to know how it ends


when i saw da name i thought it were talkin bout somethin else lol. The game was good though ill admit. disappointed about wat i thought this game was about


was a pretty funny story i liked the music in the background even tho at 4 am it can be creepy it was a bit long but as you said before if u rlly wanna know it you go through it

and its good to hear something from just2pale again , u just suddenly dissapeared

and to the guy below me saying this is not a game what do you know about making games , i havent seen u submit anything to newgrounds yet

This is not a game

K look i liked the artwork....but the music didn't fit and if i wanted to do this i would have bought a newspaper or a coloring book....not a good game dude sorry