Reviews for "Bad Pussy"

it would've worked

in full screan. maybe my eyes are gettin old. liked the music & artwork.but you could make the differences a little less subtle for us non seein people

Maybe i need glasses.

Not too shabby.

Some of the targets were a bit difficult to spot. I've seen that cat before somewhere off of an O-Canada cartoon. The mouse was a little picky as well when it came to clicking on a target. Not bad, could use a little work in my opinion.

jesus :/

this game has turned me clinically insane :/ and i now also have a phobia of cats :/ good job! :) x


this game is cooler than i thought it would be!!!!!!!!

i enjoyed it

the music was really awesome
but yeah i just wanted to find out what happened in the end and i just clicked hint the whole time

but i liked it, good idea with having a story