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Reviews for "Icescape 3"

i love it

couldrnt beat the first one though because of the safe puzzle i have 2 ask do u make youre own music because i find it very cathy. and most importnley do u intend 2 contie the bieng 1 games please contie it

Psionic3D responds:

Thanks. Yes I do make my own music, I do everything...code/graphics/music/fx etc ;-)

Wow just... wow

I don't know what too say... first things first: Awesome, great and Woot.
second Unexpected ending WoOOoo.
Third can you become more awesome :P

Psionic3D responds:

Glad you liked it ;-)

good... with issues...

Well... the puzzles are too easy in this one...

there is one major problem with this game... and I'm not being picky.

I got myself in to a postion where... I was going to die with a single hit and i had to kill 7 aliens to advance. Because you have to zoom in and then shoot and then zoom out to hit the other ones it require in human dexterity to get past that point without getting hit, to top it off I ran put of health packs.

I completly gave up on the game because of it sure if I was't such a position I would been fine but other then that is was still to easy...

Psionic3D responds:

Part of playing a game is in the challenge surely? and I have tried to encourage multiple plays by adding the awards system that rewards you with a load of evidence files upon completion!!

By trying again you may find/pickup 'more' health packs, do better in early rounds and have to use 'less' health packs (thus having some left over for the final showdown) and be able to complete it.

Some of the aliens are also positioned randomly so its possible in the next round they may be grouped together better and thus easier to fit in one scope!

I dont see it as a 'major problem' I see it as practice makes perfect, the better you get at the shooting element the less health packs you will use, you're not gonna be 100% headshots all the way on your first go are you ;-)

Anyway, thanks for playing and I hope you consider giving it another shot!!

Very good

I enjoyed this game. Keep them coming!

Psionic3D responds:

Thanks, will do!!

You just keep getting better...

...although some of the puzzles taxed me. I'm stuck on one now,..so I saved to fav's. Sometimes walking away is the best help for a hard puzzle. But once again you create game worlds that blow an imagination away. Keep em coming bro. Always a fan.

Psionic3D responds:

Thanks, dont forget to check out the walkthrough is you're 'really' stuck ;-)