Reviews for "Icescape 3"

Hard one, huh?

I heard youre saying people think this one is hard... It's kinda weird because this is the only Icescape I passed because Icescape 2 provides hard shooting while those spiders eat me... and first one had a freeze limit so this one is the easiest one, and is there going to be a part 4?

Psionic3D responds:

Maybe... ;-)


This is one of the best games ever! I also loved ghostscape too!

This was awesome great series

This is a great series one thing on my mind a fourth? I don't expect one but it would be great I liked the hunter rifle instead of pistol, shotgun and machine guns very different anyway I particularly liked the being one series great surprise like this one all in all your my favourite point and click game maker Keep it up.

Psionic3D responds:

Thanks for playing and talking the time to comment!!


man you never seize to amaze me! i played all of your games. cant wait for the next one!!!!

Psionic3D responds:

Thanks, currently working on Tombscape 2 - more info soon...

Amazing Game

Best point and click games are made by you!

Psionic3D responds:

Very kind but I think most people are finding this one a little too hard ;-)