Reviews for "The Running Clone"

Awesome on epic proportions

The whole thing is just absolutely amazing. At the beginning I found myself a bit distracted looking at the background, and watching the clone move. The commercials, freakin' hilarious. Even the comments you get when you mess up are really funny...
I couldn't find anything that might need changing or improvement... Until I got to around to the 40,000 score mark.

By that point I wishing for it to get a little bit harder, have a little more variety. There were some things I wished had arrived later in the game, instead of coming all at once. (enemy soldiers, the stunt zone & the pipe --3rd try I went over 1 obstacle before getting a soldier, the pipe, a few more obstacles & the pipe again)

So my only criticisms/things I would change would be for it to steadily become faster or otherwise more difficult (at least a little), and for the soldiers/stunt zones/pipes to be a little more spread out when they first come into the game.

(I am totally going to go check out your other games now! You rock!)


Really awesome. The game gives a very dynamic illusion, and it looks like you're actually controlling the clone (although the arrow combinations seem to be random and not have to do with the actual movements). The parkour and taekwondo movements are cool.
The ads reinforce the "underground future" look of the game (and are also a distraction that increase difficulty), but they become a bit annoying. (Any way to turn them off, btw?)
I would have added more life (and more death). It shouldn't be the same to trip on a small obstacle than being attacked by a samurai. Also, the game should become more difficult as it progresses.

PS: 61290 pts. Woo!

Repetitive but cool

i love the art and the sound, this was actually a good game!

Very nice!

I love the background story of the game a lot, this whole futuristic dystopia, love it! It only needs some medals i think, but nice work anyways!

btw, i agree with FrogOfDrakoja, this host is a clone of the Batman:TAS - Joker oô


i think this is now one of my favortie games. one thing i'd like to add is that it's a bit too easy. make it a little more challenging and you'vve got one epic game!