Reviews for "The Running Clone"


It was a decent game. Nothing amazing and shocking but not bad. I played it 3 times before writing this. First time died right off the bat 0 points. 2nd time 8000 points started getting the hang of it. and then the final time well over 40K so its a very simple game, took me 5 minutes of trial and error to find a good groove. For those complaining about slowness. It does speed up dramatically actually.
-good idea
-like style of art, music etc. great job there
-steady increase was nice.
-became completely repetative.
-No idea if there is an end, or if its just a never ending running sequence.
-health bar? no real health to it, 4 hits ur done.
Overall a decent game. As i said nothing amazing but not bad either

Mass Effect in flash!!!

I like it!

pretty good

but maybe like a story mode and some boss battles thatd b good

Where's The Uprising? Lol

As soon as the story started playing I immediately knew you'd drawn inspiration from The Running Man which while kind of B, was an awesome movie. The game is very simple and repetitive but I like how the different commands and obstacles are so random. The commercials in between were cool but there were two things that I think would have made this game better without sacrificing it's simplicity:

1. Find some way to incorporate favoritism - If I get on a nice streak, clone or not, maybe the audience starts to take a liking to my abilities, so you get more leeway to mess up. This could be a regenerative interest meter that fills with consistency.

2. Given this IS so similar to the movie, it'd be nice if, using the same control scheme, you eventually start to turn on the show itself. This would allow a little more story development, but for those who'd prefer to just mindlessly keep playing, there could be a survival mode as well.

Not too bad.

My high score was 53940. Nice premis to the game but could more of a story and an ending.