Reviews for "The Running Clone"

this was an awesome game

i love the idea but it could use some blood or he could have a knife or a sword that would make it worth ten stars

i like it but they need it to be harder

it was fun but it had a lack of skill

Fairly entertaining

The game itself was very easy, but still addicting. Was the game's plot/concept based on Rachet: Deadlocked? The whole idea of one vs many, nice in game dialogue and entertaining commercials all seem reminiscent of that game. However it was still fun, and worthy of respect on its own.

Nice one

The game is awsome, and i loved the "ads", but it coud have more variety, like new obstacles (like press a random key) ,dificulty modes and an plot (Like how the world got like this or about the clones). Overall, great gameplay, nice art an very fun.

Ack, my spleen!

For such a simple concept, this is actually a lot of fun. However, I think there should have been more of a variety in stunts/obstacles, and after each level, or if the score is high enough, it would be helpful to have the health get regenerated. Even if its that host saying they're doing it so the entertainment can go on, it would make the game longer, and less frustrating.