Reviews for "The Running Clone"


great idea, maybe this is not the best, but have a great potencial.. maybe more movement, other worlds. many things that you can do! but for me you deserver this nine XD

Could be better...

As Jestah25 said you need to add more levels, more enemys and story progress...
Now this game is kinda repetative and boring but if youll add those things I think It will be great!

It has so much potential!

You need to improve it a bit, make more levels, different enemies and paths, and a bit of story progress would be great :)

seriously awesome

I love this game. it's hard, but not way too hard. I like the minimal style of the art, and the music. the only suggestions I have are for a way to regain health, and maybe different environments.

Too repeditive,

I would like to see better art, more story, more awesome kills, more awesome jumps, and maybe multiple paths? I think that would make it 100% awesome.
Oh, and power ups.