Reviews for "The Running Clone"


This is voiced by the guy from "TarBoy" isn't it? I can tell, and it's an awesome difference in roles.



It was a decent game. Nothing amazing and shocking but not bad. I played it 3 times before writing this. First time died right off the bat 0 points. 2nd time 8000 points started getting the hang of it. and then the final time well over 40K so its a very simple game, took me 5 minutes of trial and error to find a good groove. For those complaining about slowness. It does speed up dramatically actually.
-good idea
-like style of art, music etc. great job there
-steady increase was nice.
-became completely repetative.
-No idea if there is an end, or if its just a never ending running sequence.
-health bar? no real health to it, 4 hits ur done.
Overall a decent game. As i said nothing amazing but not bad either


i think this game has an awesome concept it could be better by adding a few more diffent obsitcals but i was still awesome. :)


Good concept, very similar to a manga called "Deadman Wonderland".
The gameplay is great but heres how you could help this game reach its full potential:

- More obstacles
- Stages: Different environments/areas of the city = Different obstacles
- Different kinds of enemies, harder enemies require harder combos
- Bosses, drawn out combat/escape sequences with hard combos?
- More ingame modes such as the ballance mode
- More exciting combo multiplier type elements
- A health bar which depletes so it's easier to see your health in your peripheral vision.
- A slow health regen during the time you go without making mistakes
- Perhaps some kind of power up system?
- Different play modes maybe.

In my opinion...

...it was very fun. If you've played the game Stabika, you'd see a lot of similarities. 10/10 5/5