Reviews for "The Running Clone"

Concept is there...

But needs work... enjoyed it but sometimes the key input lags on the longer key chains.


some more cutscences or story would be good

great potential

hello hello! i really love the fresh concept of this game.
Anyway , i feel there is still room for some improvement.
Maybe try , a faster pace in the game , and maybe harder obstacles?
Also , you can consider a save / upgrading system for your clone?
And since the theme of this game is very similar to that of a gladiator role playing concept , you can try including an applause meter .
i dont know haha , just my 2 cents
i really like this game


It's ok. The button presses are off sometimes, but the concept is cool. Just needs a little work. The intro was cool.


THIS IS THE BEST WAHAHA and this like stabika