Reviews for "The Running Clone"

up, up, left, right, right, lef....ah fuck it.

Pretty cool look. Story seems ok, but couldn't bear the gameplay long enough to find out if it gets deeper..
Guess this kinda game just isn't my cup 'o' tea,
seeing as how popular it is.
but I Personally, i can't see why.
Although, I can see a lot of work went into this nonetheless.

great gamelay awesome music just a great game10/10

best ng game ive played so far


it was an exhilarating game.. for the first 3-5 minutes or so. after that it just became to repetitive. i could've had an even deeper story like the clone trying to escape by jumping over the walls that enclosed his "playground" and became a rouge the rest of his life.... maybe; something like that. :D

10 out of 10!

great game. not a bad story line actually pretty good infact. i found it challenegeing maybe cause im tired as hell XD. it was funa dn stuff just maybe have an ending after a while. maybe if you get like 100 thousand score or more? is there? anyways 10 out of 10. and a favorite.


my 5 belongs to this i think this is one of the best game on newground