Reviews for "The Running Clone"

so hilarious!

I loved the commercials, and i'd so play clone cannon XD

I love it, simply...

I see no lagg whatsoever... One thing... You could add more ads cause theyre just two repeating ads... And you should add more stages or levels...

Normally, I hate these types of games

But this is one of the few games of this type that I like. Very good work. Just fix the key lag and it would be better. Also, I was wondering if you meant clown rather than clone?


I really REALLY love the ambiente of this game. Sketches are kinda cool and the concept is so great. You could make a lot more out of this, but for a short timekiller its perfect.
Anyway, you loss one star on my review for that key-lagging-bug.

Keep up the good work!!!

i really enjoyed this very addictive, sure there some small bugs but very good well done!!!