Reviews for "The Running Clone"

Almost Good

The graphics were a little bit aloof, the gameplay was good. But if you add something like power-ups and boss monsters it would have benn 10 stars.

epileptic warning maybe? :P

I got a seizure from this and now i gotta change my pants :(

Very nice!

I love the background story of the game a lot, this whole futuristic dystopia, love it! It only needs some medals i think, but nice work anyways!

btw, i agree with FrogOfDrakoja, this host is a clone of the Batman:TAS - Joker oô

nice game.

Nothing like some good old dystopian gameshows.
I loved it, but i reccomend if making a sequel you should add a few more obstacles, and maybe make the appearance of soldiers a bit more frequent. I liked the more complex quick time events for the larger obstacles too. Also the advertising was great, I think it added to the overall effect. Though a little repetetive.
Clone cannon looks awesome!

nice game but

nice game but i don't get any score o_o