Reviews for "The Running Clone"

Great story, but needs an ending

this game has a great story at the beginning, it was very amusing, but when it comes to playing, the comercials are nice, but repeat every so often, and the game goes on forever, which I am uncomfortable about, because it becomes annoying with the same things. Maybe make another game, but with some checkpoints and different levels with themes and all. But this game is well made, good animation, had a little bit of problems with the keys, but good.

cool idea

it was a cool idea and cool art
the animation for jumping over was always the same, and you lost alot of health for messing up 1 thing

Cool idea =D

I liked this game quite a bit. The plot was cool and the art was really good. I also really liked the game play and music. The only reason that it wasn't a 10/10 is because it got a little repetitive after a while and I would've liked to see more soldiers. As for things like ways to regain health, I think that would be cool, but it would make the game too easy. Anyway, this was a good game and I hope that you create another!


it was alright, but i think it was too much like the rest of the "runner" platforms on newgrounds. you should add powerups and maybe a way to regain health. the animation was great i loved the "sketch art" concept still could use a few touches to take it to the next level of runner games....

Something Missing?

It was a great game. Just felt kind of unfinished...