Reviews for "The Running Clone"

Well made

Well, it was nicely made and i liked the speaker..but it repeats too often.


Its a good game when you have little time to play.
It tests people's reactions, and the story and voice acting is pretty good. Could be slightly better.

good story good music good voice but...

it chould have been the best ever if it had better game play i dont want ddr style i want it like platformer style. its good but chould have been beter .... sorry


Found the game pretty sweet. I like the whole audio part of this game the most, and the DDR-type command entry stuff. Really neat feeling while playing the game. (the announcer rules!)


Bluntly = fun for 3-5 minutes
The long version = While the music superior and graphics are interesting I can't say same for the gameplay. It is fun to match the buttons and listen the "Not-Damien-Kiligan-from-The-Running-
Man" comment how much you suck and how much he is getting money for it, it gets boring after few minutes. Really you are just repeating the same process over and over again with very little to no variation at all. And it's difficult too, just on the border of begin to difficult to be enjoyable. The reward of completing a level isn't worth it, apparently a commercial describing how much the future sucks and that The Running Man- sorry, The Running CLONE is number one the tv-show. Health system is realistic, you lose health, you're not getting it back. While it makes sense, does it really feel like it could be fun? Overall this game is just a endurance test, see how long can you keep it up until you fall asleep on your keyboard. The music, art and design is nice to look at but it's not enough to make this interesting for more than a few minutes.