Reviews for "Immortality"


not all you make is good but this is!

I'm stunned

I'm tempted to pass out at the listening of all your music - and this is no exception. Although this one is a tinch too modern for me, I'm just being the best critic I can be against the best Audio Artist there is - I can't really say much else - Nice job!


dude this beat is effing awsome!what was your inspiration?


I had no idea you weren't a guy until I actually checked out your profile. I give you extra points for that. :D But your music has definetely had an impact on many of the flash here on Newgrounds. You just keep doing your thing, m'kay?
This song is total game material. I'm sure people will be making games to this like crazy, sort of like they have now!


Another cool piece here, always with some great quality and these come out so well so the talent is always there and showing off well.

This particular one could be longer and maybe a tad more effects.