Reviews for "Immortality"

I'm sure you hear this often (maybe too often)

...but DAMN you're good. I've yet to hear anything thats less than phenomenal. Seriously awesome job.



no fail!!

you will not fail anyone with music sooooo kick ass!!

too good for words

there are parts in it that sound like parts from mortal kombat's scorpion theme but other then that this could be used for a fight like where you enter the evil masters lair and you get attacked so you have to kill everyone in there just to get an illegal audience to kill the master


p.s. make more songs like these and you will never cease to fail me

this is a good music

at the starting of this music, it like the evil just reborn or the evil's receive news about they are going to win,i heard this starting music before with the evil's victory time is geting closer to them,but in the end they got a big strike of the good one's and the evil force lose alot of soldier.and they panic escape that place but in the end they got shot down by arrows.think more about god and listen to more music about gods.