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Reviews for "Immortality"

final boss music

perfect super final boss music


sounds epic

dude you OK?

Dude Chesshyre can come up with much better than this but i can't say this was bad it could be in a extreem battle or something so 10/10

ParagonX9 responds:

tnx =]


This is an amazing song. It creates a sense of suspense and you just want to hear the entire thing and maybe even hear it again. Because in the beginning, it sounds just like the beginning of a huge boss battle and then it gets faster. in the middle, there is a part that sounds like a part from Kirby: The Amazing Mirror in some world i do not remember. (my gameboys broken) overall, great song! 10/10.


sounds 100% like a song from Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. It doesn't sound like a remix of it either.

ParagonX9 responds:

hmm.. well, i've never played that game to be honest =/
I only loved the old 16-bit sonic series.