Reviews for "Immortality"

awesome AGAIN!

I am a game programmer, despite the fact that i am only 12.

these are perfect.

keep up the AWESOME work


303 bass!!! =D

mooi werk jongen!! erg goed voor 2003, wow dat is 7 jaar terug.
kan goed in Flashes worden gebruikt!
Nice work! good job.. can't wait for your new song.


If Devil May Cry 3 was 16-bit game, this would more than likely fit it perfectly, especially the beginning. Every time I'm going to play DMC3, I'm going to play this in the background. ^_^


I cant think of anything to say due to how awsome this song is.witch is good.10/10

first ten seconds

so epic. Imagined scene:

oppressed dude hatefully gazing upon the butchers of his family / friends or even cat after getting his hands on a sword or whatever. yea man, those first ten seconds put that picture in my head 5/5 10/10